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'It all begins  with unclear but somehow obsessive visual idea' – Oleg Prokofiev



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From Oleg Prokofiev's interview with Andres Erofeev

(March, 1996):

'It all started with the fact that one day a man called me and in a velvety voice with soft intonations and a slight accent introduced himself - “Oleg Prokofiev”. He said that he came to Moscow to see old friends - Kamensky, Zlotnikov - and learned from them about my activities in collecting the collection...'

'When I first met Oleg, he was still painting in the white on white colours he had been using in Moscow and I remember him getting them all out to show me, one by one, and how Russian they looked: snowy scenes, sometimes with simple shapes of Russian churches or streets with high walls, using thick impasto oils. It was as if he brought his country with him, recreating it in his work. He would paint to music, often Bach keyboard music played by the uncle of his first wife, Feinberg, who played extremely fast!'

- essay 'Oleg Prokofiev in Britain' by Frances Prokofiev.(10th December, 2013)




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